Biyernes, Mayo 25, 2012

Music and Us

       From the first day when we were born, music was a means to influence our behavior and emotions, the human beings are the witness to many historical data, things showed by many ancient civilizations, some are even considering it as a sacred science.

      The therapeutic use of music was very studied over the past decades and is continued to be studied. This research has allowed to emphasize that listening to certain music areas could have important physiological and psychological repercussions for the body, especially for the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and neuro-vegetative systems, confirming its secular use. Thus it was found that fast and dissonant tempos accelerates the heart and respiration rate, by raising the blood pressure, while it slows down the tempos and lowers the
myocardial blood pressure. The results of numerous medical studies have allowed music to become a therapeutic discipline - music therapy - which today has its place in nearly 400 French hospitals, care centers in Europe under the name of complementary therapy, sometimes only for various serious diseases when it is indicated.

     Music also deal – thing that we do not know too much about – with a place in healing of numerous disorders less severe, which are in a relation to a certain degree of insulation, within an inadequate or total absence of communication, which affects so many people’s routinely nowadays. In these cases, music proves more effective, by allowing the exchange and sharing through other means than the words, because it stops with the power of words and begins with the universal music, so its roots reach deep inside the human beings heart, feelings and even it his brain and leaves you in totally relaxation. To give you one example, this is what researchers have demonstrated: the influence of music in the case of fetus, infant and child. Already from the womb, the fetus is sensitive to vibrations and sounds that actually intersects with him. These are recorded through the skin, so that the auditory sounds favors are awakening the development of various mental and physical functions.

     So from the day we are born, we are able to recognize musical pieces that we are hearing frequently during pregnancy. If crying or fussing, you just need to put the baby a sonata, a symphony, a song or a song you loved to hear during the nine months of pregnancy for him, to show the interest for him and to to calm him down, because this music makes you feel emotions directly related to the feeling of protection and security that they felt in the womb. The same thing you can do for yourself, so in case that you are sleeping hard, with a care to the audible volume that must have a reasonable dose of decibel sensitivity to not hurt the sensitive ears. Besides these effects, listening to music helps to develop the ability to listen, focus and to stimulate the creativity and for a better understand of the environment.